Building For Generations

Welcome to Cross View 4.0 – 

Building for Generations!

The Cross View congregation agreed in January 2018 to move forward with a capital campaign for an addition to the campus that will benefit all generations of the Cross View congregation and the surrounding community. This page will be updated with updates from the Building Committee and the congregation. Check back often for news, documents and images.



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June 2018 Update

Cross View has demonstrated tremendous interest in the proposed building project during the 4.0 Building for Generations capital campaign. High attendance at the Open Houses and Bible Studies, combined with quality dialogue, illustrated a willingness to explore God's plan for Cross View. The Church Council will review the preliminary capital campaign results on June 12 and announce the results to the congregration in mid-June. 

The Building Steering Committee will meet this summer to align building plans with the pledged budget and appropriate project alterations. Meeting topics include:
  • Review estimated building cost
  • Discuss original plan revisions
  • Discuss Cross View member building suggestions
  • Add City of Edina requirements
  • Align project cost with final building design

Building Steering Committee church members include: Lynn Pahl, President; Janet Smith, Design Committee Chair; David and Sandy Frauenshuh; Pastor Steve Wheeler; and Scott Douglas, Building Chair.

Cross View membership willl receive summer project updates. Revised building renderings will be displayed prior to an early October Voters' meeting to approve the building project and mortgage. Please contact Building Steering Committee members of email with any questions.  

Our Logo
The Elements
  • The number 4 integrated into the cross is a reminder that this is Cross View’s 4th building project.
  • The angled crossbar forming the 4 can be perceived as a speed square – a carpenter’s tool.
  • The stylized ".0" under the cross is not just about version number, but can also be a reminder of the stone rolled away from the empty tomb or a symbol of young and old generations side-by-side.
The Slogan “Building for Generations” is a triple-entendre:
  • With a history of growth and building expansions, we have been building for generations to reach this point.
  • We are building a new addition for all generations attending Cross View.
  • We are building for future generations to come!