Post Title: 07-21-2017 – Culture & Costco (I mean Sam’s Club)

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07-21-2017 – Culture & Costco (I mean Sam’s Club)

Today was packed with lovely scenery and lots of silly laughs!

Our day began with a quick orientation and devo with Alaska Mission for Christ representatives at Beautiful Savior Church.

Next, after a quick coffee [hut!] run, we headed to the wonderful Alaska Native Heritage Center where we learned about and interacted with native Alaskan tribes up close and personal!  We toured a village surrounding a beautiful pond with model dwellings from the five major Alaskan native cultures, listened to people’s stories, browsed Native American art and clothing, and danced!!  We learned to have open perspectives and listening hearts as we developed relationships with the people there as well as with our fellow team members.

After a delicious and long-awaited lunch of gourmet pizza at the Moose’s Tooth, the women and Pastor Toby went shop-a-lopping for supplies and food for the week, while the kids and rest of the dads swam and played at the hotel.

We concluded our day with a team meeting devo and quick dinner followed by a STUNNING scenic walk at Potter’s Marsh featuring gorgeous mountainous views, sneaking muskrats, slippery salmon, and soaring eagles.


Praise God for His amazing creation and the opportunity to soak in this glorious part of His kingdom!  Thanks be to God for wonderful ways to grow and laugh with each other as He prepares us to serve Him throughout the rest of the week!  Please pray for last minute preparations tomorrow morning before we head to Mount Drum and for our hearts to continually be seeking ways to serve others before ourselves.

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