Post Title: 07-22-2017 – Parks and a Picnic

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07-22-2017 – Parks and a Picnic

This morning began with our final trip to Sam’s Club for supplies.  We then hit the road north to Copper Center.  God provided abundantly with space for this leg of our trip.  We not only had the 2 mini-vans and our 12 passenger van, but we were asked to drive up ANOTHER 12 passenger van to Mt. Drum church for Alaska Mission for Christ. 

We had the opportunity to see the glory of God’s creation on our drive.  We visited Matanuska Glacier and had a picnic lunch.  We also took a short hike following lunch.  We journeyed further north and visited Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, the largest national park in the United States and at the crossroads of three great mountain ranges.  Twice as large as Denali and 6 times as large as Yellowstone!  We were able to get an overview of the park from a Ranger and see a movie that gave even more detail of its vastness. 

We arrived in Copper Center and were able to work quickly as a team to unload all the vans and set up “camp”.  We finished our day with dinner and devotions (as well as a skit from the girls).


                Thanks be to God for the beauty of His creation and the vastness a reminder that He is greater than all things.  Our Bible verse tonight was Ephesians 4:1-6, which talked about walking in our calling, and walking in unity.  Please pray for us to be worthy of the calling we have received and to serve humbly with gentleness, patience, and love. 

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Walt Schoenfuhs says:
July 23, 2017
God bless your mission among the Athabaskan people. Peggy and I were 60 miles north of you on our mission trips with AMC in the tiny town of Chistochina. Enjoy the Copper River salmon!
Sue McCarville says:
July 24, 2017
We were in Alaska in June. We stopped to visit Mt Drum church. It was about 5:00 on a Saturday evening and we met a lovely young woman vacuuming and getting the space ready for the next morning
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