Post Title: 07-26-2017 – Friends, Fish, & Fun

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07-26-2017 – Friends, Fish, & Fun

Last night, Henry and Marcia, a couple from the church who lived next door, had asked us if we wanted to see their fish wheel and watch them clean fish. They said we could watch them this morning but not before 7:30am. First thing today we went over to see him clean fish and he even gave us enough salmon for our dinner!


Today we continued our work at the Copper Basin Pregnancy Center. Our main focus was painting the outside of the building.  At first only the adults painted but soon they let the kids join them.

Other than a few paint spots on our clothes (the center also has a thrift store so they gave us “painting shirts” to protect most of our clothes) the morning was a success.





We headed back to the church for a quick lunch and then we were off to basketball camp.

The attendance today was 19, a little bit less than Tuesday. At basketball camp today we did drills, games and actual basketball games (tournament style)! We also did devotions, and crafts for the younger kids.

When we got back from basketball camp we started a big game of hearts while the girls went off to make a dance routine for our “theme song” Give Love.

For dinner we ate a feast of salmon and a few of us brave ones even tried salmon eyes (a delicacy up here)! Thank you Henry & Marcia for your generosity!

Today has been successful because of God’s generosity and compassion. And we hope for another fun and exciting day tomorrow.


Father God, we thank you for this wonderful day that you gave us. Please help us be helpful and generous to the people around us. Please help us all get a good night’s sleep and have another good day tomorrow.  Amen.

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Raymond R. Vereen says:
November 3, 2017
Such a wonderful post. You really know how to engage your audience and I did not leave a single word out. You are really good at this, so don’t stop for nothing.
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