Adult Bible Studies

A variety of offerings are available for adults to grow and study in God’s Word.  Regular offerings are available on Sunday mornings during the education hour from 9:30-10:30 AM. These education opportunities vary with topical and specific discussions of books or themes from the Bible taught by staff, members of the congregation, and special guest instructors.

Sunday Adult Bible Classes:
  • The Influence of Leadership
    Join us on Sundays in Lent as we delve into the wise and foolish decisions of the leaders of Israel in 1 Kings. We’ll study the universal challenges and temptations experienced by the kings of Israel and how they relate to our culture, situations, and experiences of today. Questions? Contact Pastor Toby (

We also offer classes during the week. Course offerings change throughout the year, so watch for specific topics of study on the church calendar accessible on this website, or through our newsletter, or contact the church office.

Tuesday Evening Age 18-28 Bible Study
  • TWELVE21, a group of people ages 18-28, meets two Tuesdays each month at area breweries and restaurants. This group is working through the book Christian: It’s Not What You Think, by Andy Stanley Contact Jonathan ( for more information about this group and this study..
Wednesday Evening Adult Bible Class
  • This Fall we’re studying the Gospel of Mark and Acts. Each week we come together to study and share what God has been teaching us and how it applies to our lives. Questions? Contact Pastor Toby (
Weekday Morning Adult Bible Class
  • The Women's Monday Bible Study meets on the first Monday of the month in Fellowship Room A at 9:30 AM and continues the study of Encouraging One Another. For more info contact Marcy Nordhus at

  • A Thursday Morning Bible Study meets each Thursday, 9:30-11:30 AM in the Fireside Room. This fall, the study looks at the influence of world religions and philosophies of the time around 100 AD. After that, the focus will turn to John and the book of Ezekiel. Contact Chuck Daenzer ( for more information.