Adult Bible Studies

A variety of offerings are available for adults to grow and study in God’s Word.  Regular offerings are available on Sunday mornings during the education hour from 9:30-10:30 a.m.  These education opportunities vary with topical and specific discussions of books or themes from the Bible taught by staff, members of the congregation, and special guest instructors.

Sunday Adult Bible Classes:
  • Food, A Theme Throughout Scripture: 6 week Bible study with Pastor Toby
    Throughout scripture God repeatedly connects food to His acts of salvation. During this study we’ll take a closer look at these occurrences where food is joined to provision, forgiveness, righteousness, and salvation. By the end we’ll have a greater understanding of the depth and joy of in the Lord’s Supper, where God continues to join His people to salvation even today.  (3/5 – The Passover Meal; 3/12 – The Wilderness Journey; 3/19 – David & Daniel; 4/2 – Elijah & the Widow; 4/9 – Food in Matthew’s Gospel; 4/23 – Food in Revelation) 

  • Resurrections throughout Scripture: a 6 week Bible study with Pastor Toby
    Death versus Life is an overarching theme throughout scripture. People die and are given new life, or resurrected. During this study we’ll take a closer look at each occurrence where death and life battle. Each of the examples we’ll study has a deeper meaning and in some way “prefigures” what has happened to every Christian, being transformed by God who brought us out of death and into the realm of resurrection. (5/7 – Isaac; 5/14 – Ezekiel’s Dry Bones; 5/21 – Jonah; 6/4 – Widow’s Son at Nain; 6/11– Lazarus; 6/18 – Jesus Christ)

  • Welcome to Cross View New Member Class
    Are you interested in membership at Cross View and would like to learn more about what we believe, teach, and confess? Join us starting Sunday, April 23, for our seven-week Welcome to Cross View class, as we introduce and review the basic teachings of the Lutheran Church. This is also a wonderful opportunity for members to connect with new people and review our Lutheran theology. Call the church office or email Margaret at to register for the class. We will meet in the Fireside Room during the 9:30 AM education hour on Sunday mornings. 

We also offer classes during the week such as our Tuesday morning men’s study, Wednesday evening opportunities, and Thursday morning study. Course offerings change throughout the year, so watch for specific topics of study on the church calendar accessible on this website, or through our newsletter, or contact the church office.

Wednesday Evening Adult Bible Class

Crossways: A Two-Year Journey through God's Word

  • We are in the midst of an exciting two-year  journey  through  the  Word  of God.  Classes will run from 6:30-8:00PM weekly.  Using the full-blown version of Crossways, Pastor Wheeler will guide participants on an in-depth study of all 66 books of the Bible.  Unlike many Bible studies, Crossways helps students of God’s Word understand each book of the Bible in relation to all the others.  Additionally, this study helps students to see connections between the Old and New Testaments like never before.  

Thursday Adult Bible Class
  • Thursday morning bible study, taught by Chuck Daenzer, meets for about 90 minutes starting at 9:30 A.M and will continue studying Genesis, using last year's study book. New attendees are welcome!