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January 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1January 1, 2019
New Year's Day
2January 2, 2019
ECC Opens
3January 3, 2019
Adult Bible Study-Daenzer
4January 4, 2019
5January 5, 2019
Rehearsal (DS)
6January 6, 2019
7January 7, 2019
Church Office Closed
8January 8, 2019
Men's Bible Study
9January 9, 2019
Rehearsal (RD)
10January 10, 2019
Adult Bible Study-Daenzer
11January 11, 2019
Cards and Games
12January 12, 2019
Rehearsal (DS)
13January 13, 2019
14January 14, 2019
Church Office Closed
15January 15, 2019
Men's Bible Study
16January 16, 2019
17January 17, 2019
Adult Bible Study-Daenzer
18January 18, 2019
19January 19, 2019
Rehearsal (DS)
20January 20, 2019
21January 21, 2019
Church Office Closed
22January 22, 2019
Men's Bible Study
23January 23, 2019
Rehearsal (RD)
24January 24, 2019
Adult Bible Study-Daenzer
25January 25, 2019
26January 26, 2019
Rehearsal (DS)
27January 27, 2019
28January 28, 2019
Church Office Closed
29January 29, 2019
Men's Bible Study
30January 30, 2019
Rehearsal (RD)
31January 31, 2019
Adult Bible Study-Daenzer
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Would you find it helpful to have your offerings drawn from your bank account as you do other monthly drafts?

The Simply Giving® Program endorsed by Thrivent Financial Bank is designed to help you conveniently make payments to a non-profit organization. Through the Simply Giving Program, your payments are made through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account. You determine the frequency of your automatic payment – weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. Your payment is deposited into the organization’s bank account on the same day it is withdrawn from your account.

Why Sign Up?
  • Convenience – Payment will still be made if you are out of town or on vacation.
  • Security – No checks are needed which means no lost or stolen checks.
  • Environmentally friendly – Save on checks, envelopes and postage.
How to Sign Up

To get started, you can pick up information and authorization form from the Connection Center or Church Office, or download an authorization form which you can fill out and turn in to the church office.


The Simply Giving Program endorsed by Thrivent Financial Bank is operated by Vanco Services, LLC. Thrivent Financial Bank is not responsible for the products or services offered by Vanco Services, LLC under the Simply Giving Program. Simply Giving® is a registered trademark of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

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