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Welcome to Cross View 4.0 – 

Building for Generations!

The Cross View congregation agreed in January 2018 to move forward with a capital campaign for an addition to the campus that will benefit all generations of the Cross View congregation and the surrounding community. This page will be updated with updates from the Building Committee and the congregation.

Check this page often for news, documents and images.


Construction Update

  • Sanctuary: We anticipate the wood ceiling will be done this week, after which the light fixture installation will begin. Labor issues have delayed this portion of the project. We are still planning to be back in the sanctuary in February.
  • Upper area: The main level bathrooms are complete. Painting continues and the multi-purpose tech room is framed in. Also, the kitchen floor and ceiling grid are installed, and kitchen equipment is scheduled for installation Feb. 10. The narthex area is being cleared for ceiling tile and carpet installation. Jonathan’s new office (previously the west part of the Fireside Room) is expected to be complete by Jan. 31.
  • Lower area: Crews completed bathroom tiling and a second coat of paint. The exterior and interior doors are being hung, and the upper and lower vestibule installations are complete.

Reminder: The upper parking lot is closed plus the upper entrance. Enter the lower parking lot from McCauley Trail. The Parking Team and Greeters will be available to guide you up to the sanctuary. When exiting the parking lot, use the Timber Trail driveway. 

During the week use Door #4 to enter the building pressing the button labeled "Church".  View the Phase 1 Construction Map on the right for details.

Videos of Progress

Week of August 26, 2019


Photos of Progress

Building Designs

Aerial View from Southeast
Aerial View from Southwest
Youth Area


Our Logo

The Elements
  • The number 4 integrated into the cross is a reminder that this is Cross View’s 4th building project.
  • The angled crossbar forming the 4 can be perceived as a speed square – a carpenter’s tool.
  • The stylized ".0" under the cross is not just about version number, but can also be a reminder of the stone rolled away from the empty tomb or a symbol of young and old generations side-by-side.
The Slogan “Building for Generations” is a triple-entendre:
  • With a history of growth and building expansions, we have been building for generations to reach this point.
  • We are building a new addition for all generations attending Cross View.
  • We are building for future generations to come!



View areas that will be closed versus open

See where Ushers, Greeters, and Connection Center will be during the first phase of construction

PDF of the Building for Generations brochure

A recap of what we are working to achieve and frequently asked questions

PDF containing images of the proposed floor plans for the changes plus illustrations of the exterior and interior perspectives