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07-24-2017 – Building & Basketball

July 24, 2017
By Brian & Ali Swiggum

While we didn’t actually physically build anything today, our focus for this mission trip has been about building relationships.  We had the opportunity to begin our servant projects, commencing with a morning of yard work at the Glenallen Senior Center, which is 15 miles north of Copper Center.







Pastor Roeske has formed a relationship with the center through a church member.  Building a relationship with the senior center will hopefully open more doors for spreading the love of Jesus in the community.

After a quick lunch back at Mt Drum Lutheran Church, where we are staying this week, we loaded up the basketballs, Bibles, and our team of 19 and headed to Kenny Lake School for the first day of basketball camp.







We were so excited to finally have the chance to start this basketball camp today!  This was our main mission project that brought us to Alaska – to host a basketball camp for the area children.

Sports can connect us – either by watching it together on TV, participating in a sport, or learning how to be a team player.

Our hope in using the basketball camp was to help children in the area recruit Jesus onto their “team” and to further the relationships Pastor Roeske has in the community.  Having children from Cross View (over half of our 19 mission team members are 13 or younger) has provided opportunities for connections that can only happen with kids.

As adults, it has been a joy for us to watch our youngest “relationship builders” thrive at this task as they connect with their fellow peers attending the basketball camp.  The camp included basketball skills, drills, and games led by John Porisch, interspersed with Bible lessons led by Vicki Barton, which provided both a meaningful and fun time together. We are all looking forward to our 2nd day of camp and continued fellowship tomorrow.


Father, thank You for loving us so much that you would send Your Son to form a personal relationship with all of creation.  Please help us to continue to model our own relationships after You, with an abundance of love and care for everyone we meet.  Amen