In Our Community

Volunteer Service

Cross View members take part in an array of volunteer opportunities at the church, including facility and grounds maintenance, funeral luncheons, Women’s Quilters, Altar Guild, usher teams, worship audio & video teams, and Café Cross View.

We also serve our community directly through programs such as:

Serving With Joy--We provide food, transportation, household help and visits to our members in need after an illness, hospitalization, birth, or death.

Emergency Relief--We provide assistance to non-members who request aid

Hosting community events such as EasterFest

Activity/Service Groups

Cross View members enjoy organizing group and congregation-wide service activities where the impact of our work is multiplied through teamwork. You’re invited to join any of our group service activities that are helping organizations such as:

Trinity First School--We actively support the work of this Minneapolis inner city Lutheran school through volunteer service programs such as:

  • Our Thanksgiving meal for school and community families
  • Our Christmas store for students buying gifts for their families
  • Our Summer Bridge to Success, a program in which our volunteers provide breakfasts and lunches and assist in summer school classrooms

Urban Homeworks--Cross View volunteers actively work on various homes around the Twin Cities as part of Urban Homeworks’ service outreach. Check the Cross View website for upcoming work dates.

VEAP--We provide community social networks for Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People.