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Jonathan Zellar
Jonathan Zellar
Director of Youth Ministry & Interim Director of Children’s Ministry
Phone: 952-243-2047

I am blessed to lead Cross View’s youth programs here at church and in service to the community, and I do whatever I can to contribute to our warm and welcoming culture. I am also the Interim Director of Children's Ministry.

My favorite Bible stories involve the disciple Simon Peter. He had a passion for doing God’s work AND he made all sorts of mistakes. His passion and his flaws make the Bible more relatable to me.

I grew up in Palmer, Alaska, and in Eagle Lake, Minnesota. My father was a Director of Christian Education at churches in those towns. He is the biggest mentor in my faith walk.

My favorite hobby? Probably slow pitch softball. But I also enjoy binge watching Netflix™ with my wife Kelsie, cheering for the Minnesota Twins, and guiding and working with young people.

I love my family and friends. Most people know that about me. But you may not know about my fixation with Milk Chocolate Mint Conditions from Caribou Coffee ™, and you may not know that I play the Bari Saxophone.

Music inspires me. All kinds of it. Jazz. Christian Rock. Classical. You name it. I listen to it. For karaoke, though, I like to go with a little Bon Jovi. Livin’ on a Prayer. I’m not quite ready for a world tour, but I’m getting better all the time!