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Steve Wheeler
Steve Wheeler
Senior Pastor
Phone: 952-941-5453

As Senior Pastor, I love how the people of Cross View care for one another and how they truly are the hands and feet of Christ to our community in so many ways.  At Cross View, we love to live out our faith.  It’s awesome!

As a boy growing up in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, my parents were instrumental mentors to my faith. They didn’t just tell me about Jesus, they showed me Jesus through their lives, their actions, and their living example.

My favorite Bible story? It’s tough to narrow it down to one, but the resurrection of Jesus is my favorite.  Everything in salvation history hinges on the resurrection!  Because Christ is risen, I know that my sins are forgiven, that hell has no claim on my soul, and that the curse of death has been overcome.  The resurrection means that because Christ lives, the free gift of eternal life belongs to me and to all believers.

I love the color green… and not just because I am a big Oregon Ducks fan.  I love green because it is in many ways the color of life and of growth.  Green reminds me of the story of the Bible – how God created life, redeemed life, and through His Son gives eternal life.

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky, and I get a rush from my love of cycling – both on mountain and road bikes. For me, cycling is a great way to see God’s creation while exercising. One of my favorite childhood memories is assembling my first BMX racing bike piece by piece, so I guess I’ve had the urge to hop on a bike most of my life.

Like everyone else, I love summer in Minnesota. I love the smell of the grill. I love eating what the grill produces. And I love taking part in summer outdoor activities with friends and family. Since moving to Minnesota, I’ve also become proficient at a specialized outdoor pursuit—“speed-mowing” my half-acre lawn. And I admit I get an adrenaline rush from my need for lawn care speed. If you’re scoring at home, my current record for mowing my front and back yards is 40 minutes 25.009 seconds. But records are made to be broken!

Some people know of my love for music, and the inspiration I draw from it. What you may not know about is my triumphant work as a member of an underappreciated 80s cover band.  Yes, I was the drummer in a Boston cover band that took off in 1987. More than a feeling, we were the real deal. As you might imagine, though, our reunion tour is still pending!