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In 2020, Cross View completed its most recent campus update through the “Building for Generations 4.0” construction project.  This project helped Cross View further it’s mission of ministry to those in our local community and around the world through the addition of a bright and inviting entry, comfortable fellowship areas, spacious youth rooms, new worship space, broadcast booth, and improved ECC facilities to spread the Gospel in new and exciting ways!

However, shortly after the construction project was completed, it became evident that some aspects of the older portion of the building would also need some immediate attention to restore our entire facility to proper condition to serve as an equipping station for conducting ministry.  This included roof and HVAX replacement and brick and mortar repair on much of the original structure.

With the same dedication and unity that drove the “Building for Generations 4.0” project, Cross View approved these updates as part of the “Restored!” building updates which were completed by late fall of 2021. We now delight in the opportunity to commit our financial support toward these important capital improvement projects and, with further generosity, hopefully toward additional future projects, as well, so that we can continue to serve God at Cross View for future generations!