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Time and Talent
  • Christian service is not a part of life; it is all of life!  One very important way that we serve God as His Consecrated Stewards is through sharing time and talents with our local congregation. How can the time, talents, and abilities that God has entrusted to you overflow in such a way that they make a kingdom difference locally, nationally, and internationally?  How can God use you to empower the mission and ministry of Cross View in 2022-2023? Please prayerfully consider the ways that you already intend to serve in the year ahead and/or new ways that you would like to serve.

    Our Lord uses Consecrated Stewards to carry out the mission and ministry of Cross View.  Thank you for your existing service.  Below are several key areas where we continue to be in need of Consecrated Stewards to serve.    For each area below, please do the following:

    • Check the appropriate box if you currently serve in that area and wish to continue to serve.
    • Check the appropriate box if it is a new area in which you would like to serve.
    • Leave both boxes unchecked if you are not feeling led to serve in that area.

    When you have completed and submitted the survey, you should receive an email confirmation that your survey has been received. If you don't see this confirmation email, please check your spam and promotional email folders.

    For multiple family members, you may complete this survey multiple times.

  • Children's Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Adult Ministry
  • Music & Fine Arts Ministry
  • Worship & Welcome Ministry
  • Facility & Receptions
  • Other Areas

    Are there areas not listed above in which you wish to continue to serve or would like to begin serving? Please list them below.

  • If you checked "New Service" for any of the above area, you will be contacted in the next few weeks with more details. Thank you for using the time and abilities God has entrusted to you to empower the mission and ministry of Cross View!