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Cross View Lutheran Church COVID-19 Updates

April 18, 2021

To accommodate our growing Sunday morning attendance while COVID-19 distancing protocols are still in effect, the following schedule for Sunday worship and drive-through communion will begin Sunday, April 25:

  • 8:00 am  Traditional Worship – Sanctuary
  • 9:30 am  Traditional Worship – Sanctuary
  • 9:30 am  Education Hour
  • 10:45 am  Contemporary Worship – Great Commission Room with overflow seating in the Sanctuary
  • 12:15 – 12:45 pm  Drive-through Communion (2nd and 4th Sundays)


March 18, 2021

Effective March 22, 2021, temperature checks at the door are no longer required. Please review the March 1 post for our full COVID-19 policy, with this change noted under "Other Precautions During the COVID-19 Pandemic."


March 1, 2021

Our COVID-19 Policy is being updated, primarily adding two new sections regarding Children’s/Youth Onsite/In-Person Sunday School and information for Vaccinated Individuals and other minor edits throughout that mostly are related to these two new sections.


People Who will be Discouraged from Attending Onsite Worship (as Christians we love our neighbor and want them to stay well)

Even though we have been living under the pandemic for nearly a year, there is much that we do not know about it. What we do know is that it is very contagious, and those who already have existing health concerns appear to be the most vulnerable to the effects of the virus. Therefore, we urge those who are sick or who have existing health concerns to participate in our worship services online. 

Pre-registration for Worship

Click here to see our worship times and registration links.

We will refer to CDC and MDH guidelines for determining seating capacity at each service.

  • Worshippers for the 8:15 service will be seated first in the Sanctuary, with overflow in the Lobby or Great Commission Room.
  • Worshippers for the 10:45 service will be seated first in the Great Commission Room, with overflow in the Lobby or Sanctuary.
  • Those seated in the overflow room for either service will view a simulcast broadcast from the other worship space.

We will be using the “Cross View Connect” (i.e., Realm) software for worshippers to reserve their seats in advance. Registration will open each Monday morning for the Sunday ahead.

Anyone having trouble signing in or registering online can call the church office at (952) 941‑1094 for assistance. If the office is closed, worshippers are encouraged to come anyway; we should have ample overflow space. Then please contact the church office the following week to get instructions for registering in the future.

Music During the Service
  • Live and/or prerecorded music will be played throughout the service.
  • Worshippers can sing along while masked.
  • The choir will not be singing until further notice.

Other Precautions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Entry, Seating, and Exit
  1. Worshippers will enter using the upper and lower parking lots.
  2. A Welcome Team member will direct people to use circles placed on the floor at intervals of 6 feet to guide them toward worship areas. Worshippers will be asked to move to the next circle on the floor once the people in front of them have moved forward.
  3. A Welcome Team member will direct worshippers to available seating in the sanctuary or Great Commission Room. Seating will be marked off in accordance with social distancing guidelines.
  4. Families with young children who would like to be seated toward the back can speak with an usher.
  5. At the end of the service, worshippers will be dismissed by a Welcome Team member and will exit using the same socially distanced circles on the floor on the way out of the building.
Temperature Check
  • Body temperature will be measured with a non-contact thermometer for everyone entering the building; those with a temperature of 100.4°F or more will be asked to return home. (Everyone is also encouraged to take their temperature on their own prior to coming to worship.) (Updated 3/18/21, Effective 3/22/21.)
Face Coverings
  • Worshippers ages 5 and up who do elect to attend our services must wear masks. To provide the safest Sunday School classroom experience, the mask requirement applies to age 3 or older. Under the face mask order of the Governor, there are exemptions. Our greeters and ushers will have information on those who qualify for an exemption under the mask order. Worshippers will be asked to bring their own masks. However, masks will be made available for those that forget.
  • Per CDC guidelines, the pastor, lector, cantor, or others speaking or singing at a distance from the front of the room will not be required to wear a mask while leading from the front.
Limited Gatherings
  • Children will not come forward for the children’s messages.
  • There will be no fellowship opportunities inside the building.
Extra Cleaning
  • Bathrooms and common areas (entrances, rails, elevator, etc.) will be cleaned between services.
Reduced Touching of Common Surfaces
  • Worshippers will pick up their own bulletin. Bulletins will be “fanned-out” on tables for them to take.
  • Offerings will be collected in baskets as people exit the Sanctuary or Great Commission Room. We encourage people to also utilize online giving options or to mail contributions to the church office.
  • No nursery care will be available. The nursery will be open, but parents will need to attend their own child and clean surfaces and toys that were used during their visit.
Communion Distribution
  1. Communion will be offered on 2nd and 4th Sundays.
  2. Worshippers will remain in their pews/seats to be served communion by communion teams of three.
  3. Communion teams will be masked and gloved. Worshippers will remain masked as they receive the host and wine. After the first communion team member distributes the host, worshippers will pull down their masks to eat it. They will then re-mask as the second communion team member comes through with the wine; then worshippers will pull down their mask to drink it. Then worshippers will re-mask again before the third communion team member brings the receptacle for used communion cups.
  4. For drive-through communion, communion kits will be prepared in advance and consecrated on the altar during the onsite worship service. They will then be distributed to those who cannot commune onsite from 12:15 – 1:00 pm at the upper lot circular drop-off. Arrangements will be made for those unable to pick up their communion kit at the church. Pre-registration will be required through Cross View Connect and will open Monday morning through Friday afternoon for the Sunday ahead.

Children’s/Youth Onsite/In-Person Sunday School
  • Masks must be worn by Sunday School teachers at all times.
  • Masks must be worn by any children/youth age 3 or older attending Sunday School while in the classrooms. Note: Cross View’s mask policy states anyone age 5 or older must wear a mask at all times when inside the building. That general rule will remain in effect for worship or other times that children are in the building, but to provide the safest Sunday School classroom experience, the age limit is reduced to age 3 or older.
  • Children in the Little Lambs class are not required to wear masks.
  • Drop-off and pick-up will happen at the classrooms.
  • Children younger than Junior High will not be allowed to leave until a parent comes to pick them up.
  • Junior & Senior High youth can leave once they are dismissed.
  • All Sunday School participants will use hand sanitizer on the way into and out of class.
  • All supplies necessary for class will be in each classroom and ready for use.
  • Disinfecting wipes will be supplied in each classroom to clean any nonperishable craft supplies after their use.

Vaccinated Individuals

We are thankful to God for all the people who have helped develop and distribute multiple vaccines for COVID-19 and we are grateful that some of our members have begun to receive it to help protect their health. Since the CDC states that they still don’t know whether getting a COVID-19 vaccine will prevent a vaccinated person from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19 to other people, even if that person doesn’t get sick themself, Cross View will continue to take all the precautions mentioned above, including the wearing of face coverings and limiting the number of people gathered for each service. 

Ongoing Evaluation

Local disease statistics will be monitored and worship services in person will cease if deemed appropriate. Continue to watch the website closely for updates and thank you in advance for your flexibility.