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Our Christian service work extends God’s teachings around the world in meaningful ways. Cross View is actively involved in serving and contributing to Lutheran World Relief and support international Christian outreach through World Relief, Human Care, and Lutheran Hour Ministries. 

Jesus instructs us to go forth and teach all nations about eternal salvation, and it’s in that spirit that Cross View supports Alaska Mission for Christ and the missionary work of Todd and Kim Roeske. We’re also proud to support the work of our own Dr. Tim Clavin, who is using his talents to assist underserved communities in Kenya and Indonesia with dental care. 

We have also taken initial steps toward a partnership with CALMS (Central American Lutheran Mission Society) to sow Gospel seeds in Guatemala.


As part of the second generation of Cross View’s Redeeming Christmas efforts in December of 2022, members of Cross View generously donated to support our brothers and sisters in Christ in Los Vasquez, Guatemala.  Specifically, this transformative fundraising project was designated to provide a providing a totally new water system for the entire village of Los Vasquez. Remarkably, this project was completed in July of2022!

Los Vasquez is located in the eastern highlands of Guatemala, on the side of a mountain.  There are about ninety families in Los Vasquez, and they are primarily coffee farmers.

This project was a partnership with the people of Los Vasquez, the mayor of the local province, Cross View Lutheran Church, and the Central American Lutheran Mission Society (CALMS).  The people of Los Vasquez provided a substantial portion of the labor, the mayor provided heavy equipment for the digging of the main holding tank and Cross View provided the funds for the design of this project, the skilled labor and all the materials needed to complete this project.  CALMS helped coordinate the project.  The good news is that this project came in exactly on budget!

The entire old water system has now been replaced.  Rural Guatemalans do not dig wells but rely on streams coming down the mountain side.  Water is collected and then distributed to the communities.  The water collection site was upgraded to provide a more efficient method of collecting water.

The men of Los Vasquez dug a trench about one foot deep over two miles long to install the new three-inch pipe water transmission pipe.  The newly constructed main holding tank now holds about 25,000 gallons of water.  There is a chlorinator for the system, providing a cleansing process for the water.  In addition to the main holding tank, there are three distribution tanks located strategically around the village.  Each of these distribution tanks hold about 10,000 gallons.  This water system holds about 55,000 gallons of water for 90 families. 

The men of Los Vasquez dug trenches for the pipes to reach each of the ninety homes.  Some of these pipes had to go through thick vegetation in order to reach the homes.  Now, each and every home in Los Vasquez has a water spigot.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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Digging trench from mountain top.


Excavating main holding tank area.



Constructing water collection building.

Completed main water holding building.


Fresh running water for every home!