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Our Christian service work extends God’s teachings around the world in meaningful ways. Cross View is actively involved in serving and contributing to Lutheran World Relief and support international Christian outreach through World Relief, Human Care, and Lutheran Hour Ministries. 

Jesus instructs us to go forth and teach all nations about eternal salvation, and it’s in that spirit that Cross View supports Alaska Mission for Christ and the missionary work of Todd and Kim Roeske. We’re also proud to support the work of our own Dr. Tim Clavin, who is using his talents to assist underserved communities in Kenya and Indonesia with dental care. 

In 2019, we took initial steps toward a partnership with CALMS (Central American Lutheran Mission Society) to sow Gospel seeds in Guatemala. Today, Cross View's partnership with the people of Los Vásquez, Guatemala, continues.

Guatemala 2023 Update

From April 20-28, 2023, Tom and Laurie Koch returned to Guatemala to represent Cross View in a continuation of the Cross View Mission Project in Los Vásquez, Guatemala. They met with the Cocode, the village council, and found the completed water project continues to be a blessing for the village. Even though they are currently in the dry season, there is still a reliable supply of water.

Tom and Laurie made multiple home visits, seeing how the water system has been a benefit for the individual families. Throughout their visit, they felt a deep sense of appreciation from the Cocode and the individual people of Los Vásquez for the water system and the other projects that have been completed.

One of the primary reasons for their visit was to bring over 100 pounds of school supplies. Thanks to Lori Buuck and Judy Larson and their small group for providing many needed school supplies. The teachers and principal were delighted to receive these materials they normally would not have. Thank you for your generosity!

In addition, Cross View’s children and youth sent letters to the students in Los Vásquez to develop friendships. The children in Los Vásquez wrote letters back to our youth.

The Cross View mission team is partnering with Los Vásquez on a greenhouse project. Undeveloped land was donated for the community of Los Vásquez to use to build the greenhouse. Now that there is water available, Cross View is providing the materials to build the greenhouse, fencing, a drip irrigation system, tools, and seeds. This greenhouse will be 25 meters by 20 meters (roughly 75 feet by 60 feet.) The Cross View mission team is working with an agronomist in Guatemala to provide guidance for a drip irrigation system to grow
the vegetables.

Fourteen families volunteered to clear the land, provide the labor to build the greenhouse, and maintain the indoor vegetable garden. This project would not have been possible without the water project.

Cross View also provided ten scholarships for 5 young women to learn how to sew and 5 young men to learn woodworking. We hope this education will provide careers while these individuals live in Los Vásquez.

Thank you, Cross View, for generously supporting the Guatemala Mission Project. We look forward to mission trips in 2024 and partnering on a new development project that will help our brothers and sisters in Christ living in Los Vásquez.

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