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In February of 2019, Cross View completed at multi-month celebration of its 50th Anniversary.  At about the same time, ground was broken as part of the campus expansion under the drive titled “Building for Generations 4.0” in recognition of the original structure plus now the third addition or “4.0”, at Cross View.  This expansion included the addition of a dramatically large multipurpose area with updated kitchen, an expanded lobby, updates to most of the rooms in the Early Childhood Center and new youth rooms.  As we went through this building project, we also renovated the existing sanctuary with new fire sprinklers, ceiling, lights, and video displays.

In March of 2020, we had our first service (Ash Wednesday) in the newly expanded campus in the new multipurpose room aptly called the Great Commission Room.  Unfortunately, that turned out to be the last in-person gathering for nearly a year and a half as the Covid pandemic hit.  However, Cross View, through the blessing of its forward-looking technology approach, quickly switched to an online approach for worship and education.  This carried us through the challenging time with strong online participation from throughout the country and world and kept us strong financially as well.

In the fall of 2021, we had the formal commissioning of the new expansion to our campus and sanctuary renovation as we continued to focus on equipping all to share the good news of Jesus Christ through programs like Community Light School of Discipleship and support of PABLO and the emerging Indian worship group within our community.  We are blessed to continue to carry out the Great Commission Christ has given to us.

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50 Years of Cross View in 25 Minutes