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At Cross View Early Childhood Center, we minister to the whole child...




Intellectually &



Our curriculum, which is specifically designed for young children, comprises:

  • Spiritual & Social Living

  • Communication Arts

  • Expressive Arts

  • Wellness

  • Discovery About the World

We work to ensure these experiences are fun and interesting for the children in a positive Christian climate.

Age Appropriate
The learning environment is prepared according to predictable sequence of growth and changes in the child’s life.  Each child is a unique creation of God and, with this in mind, the curriculum and interactions of adults is responsive to individual differences and based on individual appropriate learning.

Children’s play is a vehicle for learning by enabling children to progress along the developmental sequences.  Child’s sensory and self-initiated activities are an important part of the development.

Our classrooms are divided into these play centers with the appropriate materials displayed and easily accessible:

  • Blocks

  • Dramatic Play

  • Manipulatives

  • Science & Sensory

  • Music

  • Library


Christian Focus
Cross View offers a distinctly Christian program.  Each day, we share Christ with the children, care for each of them as one of God’s children and prepare them to live in God’s world through:

  • Daily Jesus times to teach God’s Word and love

  • Prayers

  • Simple Bible stories

  • Christian songs

  • Weekly Chapel

  • Christian books

An ECC boy holds his framed painting