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Get To Know Our Ministry Staff

Cross View staff members can't wait to get to know you, and here's your chance to learn a little about them. Who loves Lego? Which staff member's favorite Scripture verse is Colossians 3:17? Who's a Packers fan? (Hey, nobody's perfect.) 

Click on the photos below to learn about each person, or use the "Select A Profile" dropdown menu to go directly to a staff member's bio.

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    Steve Wheeler

    Senior Pastor
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    Jonathan Zellar

    Director of Youth Ministry
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    Barb Coffin

    Director of Children's Ministry
  • Profile Photo

    Stacey LaMere

    Early Childhood Center Director
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    Sue Quist

    Director of Music & Fine Arts Ministries
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    Renee Kirchner

    Director of Administration

Full Staff List

Name Title Contact
Coffin, Barb Director of Children's Ministry 952-243-2062
Kirchner, Renee Director of Church Administration 952-243-2045
LaMere, Stacey Early Childhood Center Director 952-941-5215
Lawrence, Harrison Organist
Meger, Alyssa Finance Specialist 952-243-2046
Montgomery, Julia Administrative Assistant 952-941-1094
Oie, Claire Administrative Assistant 952-941-1094
Portillo, Jose Minister of Facility & Maintenance
Quist, Sue Director of Music & Fine Arts Ministries 952-243-2048
Wheeler, Steve Senior Pastor 952-941-1094
Zellar, Jonathan Director of Youth Ministry 952-243-2047