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The women of Cross View come from many points in their spiritual walk. They are single, married, ­career-oriented, family-focused, young, middle-aged, senior-aged. The goal of Cross View’s Women’s ministry is to connect this diverse group of women, provide ways for these women to grow in their faith, and serve God by helping others.

Through regular dinners out, book clubs, and other social and fellowship events, all women of Cross View are welcome to join together for fun and relaxing ways to meet and develop Christian relationships.

The Women of Cross View are always seeking ways to ­support each other in their faith walks. Through special speakers and events, women’s Bible study groups, and a spring retreat, the goal is to give the women of Cross View the tools to use their Christian faith in everyday life.

One of the greatest joys of the Women’s Ministry at Cross View is the opportunity to give thanks to the Lord by ­serving others. Through Prayer Shawl ministry, days of service, and other opportunities, Cross View women come together to serve others and the Lord!

Elizabeth Ries speaks to Cross View women


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