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Cross View’s Endowment Fund is a special fund designed to receive estate gifts and other contributions for the benefit of our congregation. These gifts may be pooled and invested. The principal is maintained as a perpetual fund to earn income. The interest income from these investments will be available to finance new mission and ministry opportunities.

Cross View’s Endowment Fund is a way to enhance your total stewardship planning. It allows you to:

  • memorialize a loved one or a special cause, or
  • celebrate a special occasion during your lifetime, or
  • be involved in and support the Lord’s work through Cross View even after He has called you home.

At the same time, the Endowment Fund will allow our congregation to expand Cross View’s mission and ministries above and beyond what is possible under our annual operating budget.

Click here to download our Endowment Fund brochure for more details about supporting Cross View's ministry through this fund.

Endowment Fund Brochure Cover